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A grassy plain with a mildly temperative climate. Mainly inhabited by shepherds, the livestock of this island are larger than normal due to the ideal environment and the quality of their care.

Cahaya first started traveling here for the animal husbandry, but the fascinating flora here piqued her interest.

Plant Database

Plant 1

Strobi Coral

The only edible coral in the world is found off the coast of Strobi Island. Nutty and chewy when candied.

Plant 2

Pearl Bud Vines

A rare flower named for the way its buds look like pearls before blossoming. It doesn’t taste very good, but looks pretty as a garnish.

Plant 3

Sulec Leaf

These large leaves have a very sharp, almost bitter taste. They can be easily cultivated at home by simply placing them in a glass of water.

Plant 4

Plum Blossoms

Very fragrant petals; makes delicious tea, or tea scones. Also key for making plum extract.

Plant 5

Bone Flora

White and solid like a spinal cord; if you ground up its branches, it can make a flour ideal for delicate, finicky recipes.

Plant 6

Wind Roots

The name for the roots of the grass in the 5th-7th weeks of summer. This is when wind is most intense, so the roots produce extra nutrients for strength, making them sweeter and healthier.

Plant 7

Plum Acorns

Very nutty in taste. Good for basic flour, textured butters, or a candied crunch.

Gear Needed

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