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Cahaya is an avatar I created inspired by many of my own interests and experiences.

She is a baking enthusiast, and from this passion Cahaya was drawn to learning the intricacies of plant life and cultivation in order to perfect her recipes. This passion has also fueled her adventurous spirit, as she voyages across oceans in search of specific vegetation.

Cahaya loves to share her findings with anyone willing to learn, bake for everyone, and above all, is a devoted environmentalist.


The world where Cahaya lives is huge, and is extremely diverse in its range of biomes. Like Earth, it is over 70% water and has many similar species and environments, but unlike our planet, there are no greater land masses. There are only islands to explore, and each has its own vastly different ecosystem and climate. You can spend lifetimes traveling this planet and not even scratch the surface of its biodiversity!

Cahaya.world is an diary of the different islands that Cahaya travels to, each with its own database of the plants that she collects.

For each island, you'll find a brief description and backstory, some basic stats, and the information that Cahaya collects.

**Artist's Note:

This website is still a work in progress. The basic design may be complete, but it is not yet optimized for mobile devices.

I am also limited by the amount of illustrations necessary for this project. Eventually, I would like to expand Cahaya's world so that there are more than one island to explore, and each has a database of gear needed for its specific climate.

Island 1 Strobi Island >
Island 2 Image Coming Soon...
Island 3 Image Coming Soon...
Island 1 Image Coming Soon...
by amelia jeoung